Now Available: Bunker Diaries and Inner Harbor Field Reports

© 2019 Sean Stewart

Bunker Diaries: a brief fictional journal of an unnamed instructor toiling in a bunker somewhere. Originally serialized online in Fall 2012.

Inner Harbor Field Reports: a compendium of observations from Baltimore's Inner Harbor, 2014-2019. Originally serialized on Tumblr.

Each limited to 50 numbered copies; quarter-sized, screen-printed covers

Published in May 2019

Only orderable here together as an economy package deal. Sold separately through Atomic Books and Quimby's Bookstore (will post links when available).

Payment accepted via PayPal below (price includes both) - $5 US / $6 CAN / $7 World


For cash payments through the post, please request my mailing address via the contact form.

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