Now Available: Bunker Diaries and Inner Harbor Field Reports

© 2019 Sean Stewart

Bunker Diaries: a brief fictional journal of an unnamed instructor toiling in a bunker somewhere. Originally serialized online in Fall 2012.

'A vaguely Evenson-ian claustrophobia...the ending is appropriately futile and satisfying' - Bill Hsu

Inner Harbor Field Reports: a compendium of observations from Baltimore's Inner Harbor, 2014-2019. Originally serialized on Tumblr.

'Sean takes a behaviorist's perspective of locals, tourists, and birds.

The peoplewatching and birdwatching happen side-by-side and the migration patterns of both are noted.

Perfect for anyone who loves birds and hates people (but is fascinated by them).'

Davida Gypsy Breier, Xerography Debt #47

Each limited to 50 numbered copies; quarter-sized, screen-printed covers

Published in May 2019

Sold separately through Atomic Books (Bunker Diaries | Inner Harbor Field Reports)

and Quimby's Bookstore (Bunker Diaries | Inner Harbor Field Reports).

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